Wednesday, May 22, 2013

City of Glass

The story was captivating and exciting; I often caught myself skimming down for keywords of what happened next because I couldn't deal with the anticipation. As I said in the City of Ashes review, though, Clare writes in such a way that you want to read every word as she intended you to experience them. 

(I need to say: This book was longer than the ones before, and it felt like it.)

The storyline reminded me of Harry Potter, pretty often. With the lead male's unfortunately close but occasionally helpful relation to the Dark Lord, with his devoted spies, the reluctant involvement of the 'Ministry' in the battle for greater good. 

I'm really happy with the way it (eventually) ended; it was magical and answered questions without seeming rushed or like the author was answering things we would want to know. (It ended up that way, but it felt natural.) I loved way the characters develop, as they reflect on themselves and eachother. The book left me feeling all warm and fuzzy, not needing to rush into the next book, just glad.

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