Thursday, May 30, 2013

City of Fallen Angels

A brief description of my journey through City of Fallen Angels, by percentage through the book:

1: Simon is a boss 
38: Fangirling SO hard over this Simon/Jace thing that's happening!
44: I love you Kyle!
46: Aw Kyle + Simon 4eva
65: I actually just feel sick
73: Where are they taking everyone?! What is HAPPENING? Can't they tell this is manipulation!
Don't trust anyone!
75: I'm really enjoying all these 'but you are so old' jokes 
76: ah nostalgia.. There's nothing like looking back on a relationship moments after it's ended.
76: Every time they say Lilith, I miss Supernatural.  
85: sndjcjcjidd really?! You're gonna make us wait?!!! AHDJCJC 
88: sooo much manipulation. So much suspense
93: This is such a nice ending
96: I'm so bleak for these kids, can they not just BE IN LOVE for like a minute without the whole world questioning if it's right and planting doubt in their teenage hearts! 
Song for this book: Taylor Swift's Untouchable. Also Lovedrunk.
98 Nooooooo! We should never leave this boy alone GOSH! 
100 wow. That's all I have to say. Wow, and, I can't wait for the movie. 

I loved it. I loved the way she talks about New York; I think it must be so magical for people who have lived in the city. I laughed out loud, and at times I was in knots of anxiety. So many unexpected plot twists! I love the way they've all become a stronger family. I love this quote for the way it's a perfect summary of the intentions of the book so well. It's in white text so you can highlight it if you have read the book because SPOILER ALERT ->  "Simon to die. Jace to live. Jonathan to return. And you, Valentine's daughter, to be the catalyst for it all." 

Life lesson from this book: 'Love is the most powerful force in the world.'

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