Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pandemonium (Delirium #2)

I'd been sure I'd give this book three stars, pretty much the whole time I was reading it. The first half I was, waiting for something to happen, and finding my way around these flashbacks while I figured out what Lena's 'now' was. And then I was like 'oh.' when things really did happen. I kind of wanna say it was boring. It wasn't so boring that I didn't want to finish it; it was good enough that I wanted to keep reading, but.. meh. There were cute moments though. I think, also maybe it didn't get deep enough into the new characters. Like maybe because of the past and present happening at the same times, I never really knew where we stand and whether to care about them.

The main feeling I had when reading this book was, disbelief about Alex, just wanting him to come back or not be dead and like. That was my main feeling I was hoping and waiting for him. So, meh.

But then the last scene happened AND I WANTED TO GIVE IT AT FIVE OR A SEVEN and needed to rush to the next book. Because I KNEW IT! And I ALSO LIKE JULIAN NOW BUT. Ugh I'd hate myself if I was her, but then also hate him, but then also hate myself if I was Alex. TOO MANY FEELINGS I CANT. So, there.

Also, I prefer this cover.
I just feel like it's more, related to the story.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Bling Ring

I've been so interested in this story. -The idea of fame-obsessed teenagers successfully robbing celebrities of millions of dollars! While the media has mostly been obsessed with 'why', I've been excited by the 'how!' 

The book is written Nancy Jo Sales who did the Vanity Fair story that inspired Sofia Coppolla to make this into a film. 

(I've been watching the Made-for-tv movie in between reading this book, before I watch Sofia's film, and it's just made me so much more interested in the Ring as individuals. Also, Austin Butler is the main character!! I will do a review when I've finished the movie*) 

My first thought, when I heard the story, was 'How had this not happened before? And how is it teenagers who did it first?!' 

Nancy answers this question beautifully, explaining the context of the situation. Hollywood was always a sparkling area of unattainable wealth, it was an us-and-them situation. She writes, 'It was fame itself that acted as a shield, an invisible force keeping the non-famous out. Until recently, the fame bubble has always seemed magical, impossible to pierce.. actors were respected and admired. 

'Stars-they're just like us.' US Weekly tells us. Well, now they are. Reality television leveled Mount Olympus like a nuclear bomb.' At the same time as it said 'celebrities are just people' it said, 'hey, you can be just as famous.' And suddenly the us-and-them idea, is no more. 

The most enlightening moment so far for me, is this quote: 'the Bling Ring kids felt they could just walk into the stars' home because stars no longer shined.'

With Twitter and Facebook and weekly tabloids, we knew these celebrities, intimately, but never intimately enough. When you think of it like that, with a sudden change like that, becoming so deeply a part of who we are as a society, how could something like the Bling Ring not happen? 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Anna and the French Kiss

It's a cute love story, set in Paris. It's a beautiful combination of quirky American girl, the magic of Paris, boarding school dynamics and the difficulty of moving away on your own. I loved the intricacy of each character, and the way I grew to love each of them in a different way. They're the kind of friends I'd like if I were away at school. Friends who get crepes together on Sunday mornings, and eat breakfast together in the week. A boy who is always drawing passionately, a girl who loves the Beatles and wears glitter rings, a girl who is forgiving even though she's lonely, and a charming boy from many different worlds who becomes home to Anna.

It made me want to explore Paris, and meet a cute British boy who speaks French; I want to see museums and paint for days, eat lunch on Cathedral steps and see Paris from way up high. It also made me long for all those beautiful cinemas. I love that about YA books especially, there's always some lovely kind of knowledge about the main character that sets her apart. Anna is passionate about and filled with, a love for film. She knows the history of it and all the best and worst parts.

I especially love the idea that home is a person and not a place, because that's how it's always been for me.

(Also, I learned the word 'meretricious' which is so very fun to say!)

Between the Lines

It's the most magical fairytale, it's a perfect wonderland. It's mermaids and palaces, mixed with modern reality and humor. You'll giggle and awww, and fall head over heels in love, over and over again. 

Think of the prince in your favourite lovestory, and then imagine he sees you everytime you open the book, and has been falling in love with you as much as you are with him. Prince Oliver has, with Delilah. They're the only ones who can hear and see eachother *Destinyyy* in two different worlds (one only existing inside a storybook) and he wants to get out of the routine that is reenacting the same story over and over when his heart isn't in it. 

The story is written from both Oliver and Delilah's point of view, and it includes glimpses of the fairytale story they're caught up in. All through the book are these beautiful illustrations, which will make you smile everytime, and make the story come to life! (Albeit, a little less than if Oliver could see me, too.)

It's super super cute!

I read the book while listening to the cutest three albums, so I picked a couple of the cutest and made a playlist here. I'd say if the book were to have 'a song', the one that made me smile the most when it came on is Happily Ever After by He Is We 

There's a really cute interview of Jodi and Sammy down here.

and a lovely book trailer (where you can see the gorgeous illustrations) here: