Monday, July 8, 2013

Anna and the French Kiss

It's a cute love story, set in Paris. It's a beautiful combination of quirky American girl, the magic of Paris, boarding school dynamics and the difficulty of moving away on your own. I loved the intricacy of each character, and the way I grew to love each of them in a different way. They're the kind of friends I'd like if I were away at school. Friends who get crepes together on Sunday mornings, and eat breakfast together in the week. A boy who is always drawing passionately, a girl who loves the Beatles and wears glitter rings, a girl who is forgiving even though she's lonely, and a charming boy from many different worlds who becomes home to Anna.

It made me want to explore Paris, and meet a cute British boy who speaks French; I want to see museums and paint for days, eat lunch on Cathedral steps and see Paris from way up high. It also made me long for all those beautiful cinemas. I love that about YA books especially, there's always some lovely kind of knowledge about the main character that sets her apart. Anna is passionate about and filled with, a love for film. She knows the history of it and all the best and worst parts.

I especially love the idea that home is a person and not a place, because that's how it's always been for me.

(Also, I learned the word 'meretricious' which is so very fun to say!)

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