Monday, September 9, 2013

The Spectacular Now

This book was a wonderful weekend read. It's as lush and sunlight-filled as the movie posters for the film adaption are. It's sweet and sincere; also real-life messy, honest, unpredictable and entertaining. A lovely coming-of-age story about a boy who sees the world as it is, and embraces the weird.

I loved Sutter from the very beginning, for his incredibly vast and genuinely kind insights into the hearts of those around him. He's so very aware, of his impact on their worlds, which can often be complicated but to him reality is a simple truth

It's a story that made me wonder if I am doing everything I can to be as alive as I can be in this moment. It made me realise that things can seem messy but, with the right person and the right perspective (and maybe a shot of Whiskey) the world is a bright adventure waiting to be had. 

Sutter changes Aimee's life, and she changes his. -For the simple reason that their hearts are open, to change and light and opportunity. We learn about different kinds of love and the effects of heartache. But also of sacrifice and the wonder in how transient relationships can be.

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